Press Release_ March 26th

Regulation on Bank’s Loan-to-Deposit Ratios

In the 2010 Financial Policy Agenda announced in December 2009, the FSC unveiled its plans to adopt banks’ loan-to-deposit (LTD) ratio as one of its bank liquidity guidance ratios, which aims to encourage sound management of banks and alleviating factors driving the asset competition among banks.  Click here.


About FSC Korea
The Financial Services Commission has been established for the purpose of protecting the integration of Korea’s financial markets by promoting sound credit system and fair business practices. To this end, the FSC serves as a consolidated policy making body for all matters pertaining to supervision of the financial industry as a whole. To raise the efficiency, the posts of the FSC Chairman and the FSS Governor were separated on March 2008 for clear distinction between policy-making and execution of financial market supervision

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