Weekly e-Briefing 2. View on the Korean economy by Moody’s and Key Policy Agendas for 2010

View on the Korean economy by Moody’s and Key Policy Agendas for 2010

Moody’s has issued a very interesting report about global economic forecast on January 12th. In the report, Moody’s has mentioned their forecast for global economy will enjoy ‘Hook’ shape recovery. And they have mentioned that Korea amongst otehr OECD countreis has enjoyed decent growth. The reason for this decent growth, Moody’s has explained that; 1. Fast recovery economy, 2. Stability in the financial market and 3. Robust physical stimulus package that we have deployed last year. To see more, Please visit http://www.fsc.go.kr/eng/index.jsp


About FSC Korea
The Financial Services Commission has been established for the purpose of protecting the integration of Korea’s financial markets by promoting sound credit system and fair business practices. To this end, the FSC serves as a consolidated policy making body for all matters pertaining to supervision of the financial industry as a whole. To raise the efficiency, the posts of the FSC Chairman and the FSS Governor were separated on March 2008 for clear distinction between policy-making and execution of financial market supervision

3 Responses to Weekly e-Briefing 2. View on the Korean economy by Moody’s and Key Policy Agendas for 2010

  1. Dohyun M. Kim says:

    Unfortunately, the quality of this video clip is lower than that of the previous thing. ㅠㅡㅠ Nevertheless, like the other day, I watched the video clip very well. ^____^ㅋ Furthermore, I better do my work for Fin Pol as soon as possible. Sorry… ㅠㅡㅠ

  2. Onewayn says:

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